Sailing in Elbag Gable’s class

12 May

Elbag Gable runs a class that I see often in Education search, to teach people how to sail in SL. I went thinking I’d be told to sit in a boat and motor around such as is for standard vehicles (like the basic boats I make/sell)

You sit, arrow keys to move, easy peasy.

BUT NO! This guy was great, he showed us sailing! He meant sailing too. The boat reacts to the wind, you have to adjust the sails and not be sailing into the wind too. It’s great fun and something I will continue to practice. This is truly a class you should attend.

You don’t need a boat either, he’ll rez one after he gives the basic tutorial. I hope there are future classes to learn more in depth sailing info. That will be awesome.

This LM below is where class was, there’s lots of water for boating in too!

I need to find some yacht races to watch now hehehe

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