I am Dean of Raglan University!

11 May

Official Blog Entry

It’s official! I am now Dean of Raglan University. You can read Zayn’s lovely write up, I am all blushing and stuff. *sniff* Everyone’s so nice!

So get your hiney out to the new school building, take a look around. We’ll be all ready to go in a very short time. We’ve got some new teachers joining into the fun and of course some experienced teachers who you all already have likely taken classes from in the previous Raglan U format too!

How fun indeed!

I’m finalizing notecards, getting some things finished built, and working on my teacher portrait picture this week. That way there’s a nice example for the rest of you guys to follow from hehe!

I am super excited about all of this, I was really afraid to accept but after building up the school building and doing notecards and talking to other tinies.. I am feeling way more confident in my abilities to do this <3

More later!

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