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I am Dean of Raglan University!

11 May

Official Blog Entry

It’s official! I am now Dean of Raglan University. You can read Zayn’s lovely write up, I am all blushing and stuff. *sniff* Everyone’s so nice!

So get your hiney out to the new school building, take a look around. We’ll be all ready to go in a very short time. We’ve got some new teachers joining into the fun and of course some experienced teachers who you all already have likely taken classes from in the previous Raglan U format too!

How fun indeed!

I’m finalizing notecards, getting some things finished built, and working on my teacher portrait picture this week. That way there’s a nice example for the rest of you guys to follow from hehe!

I am super excited about all of this, I was really afraid to accept but after building up the school building and doing notecards and talking to other tinies.. I am feeling way more confident in my abilities to do this <3

More later!

Zayn, Teddy, and I at Raglan U

11 May

Settings don’t work right for him today as he tries to set it so I can do auto return times. I think SL is having a real poo today. Freaky chat errors that I haven’t seen in months, severe lag, snapshots taking fooorreevverrrr to show up… ugh!!

me and teddy

11 May

me and teddy, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This is another photo of today, we are cute! <3

Good morning bunnies

11 May

Good morning bunnies, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This is a photo of today! They are cute <3

AU is up!

11 May

Avatars United is back up!

Lorimae’s page at AU

Friend me!

I wish the SL Blips Hud wasn’t no copy, it’s always in the wrong clothing folder when I want to wear/use it.

Blogging while Zayn works on group settings for me so I can change auto return for classes in the future. <3 Poor Zayn, it's not going well. I am terrified I will mess something with these new abilities!!

My textures on XStreet!

11 May

Yay! I put my textures up on XStreetSL. I am looking forward to the new SLMarketplace (check the official blog for info on it) where they’re updating, changing, it just sounds like it’ll be better.

Lorimae’s stuff at XStreet
Lorimae’s stuff in world

As I get time, I’ll make and add more. Generally they’ll go into my in-world shop first and eventually make it to XStreet.

In other stuff… Aah! I tried to load Avatars United and got a 503 error instead. Sooo someone tell me, is it just me and my browser or is it broke for you too? I could make all kinds of conspiracy theories as to why it’s down, but I won’t write them out.. cause some dorky people might believe me and go running in circles screaming the sky is falling!! *runs in a circle meowing frantically* It would be kinda funny though.

Avatars United page

Today is another day of a great deal of RL physical pain, so there are likely to be frequent AFK’s. If I miss replying, just IM again in a while. I don’t mean to fail to respond, on days like this and the last few days.. it’s just difficult.

Went to a class on using Avimator, taught by Kelly out at ICE! It was great! I have been using Qavimator (with a Q) since two years ago I took a class at NCI about it. I was advised to use Qavimator instead of Avimator, since it’s updated. Well Kelly today suggested Avimator over Qavimator. How confusing is this that both programs are similarrly named to type haha!

Well I dunno what one I like better, I find Qavimator isn’t too bad but is kind of confusing. Avimator was looking more simple, but I had to start over twice because my camera view in the program zoomed off somewhere and I couldn’t figure out how to find my avatar I was working on! Ugh!

But, I got a pose made! I need to figure out how to adjust the size of the avatar in the program, they’re made on adult sized models I guess because the end result is feet that do not line where they should, once I use it as a very short avatar in SL. She also told how to smoosh up for tiny animations real quick, I think Thursday we go into more detail on that.. I hope. Thursday we also will animate it! WAHOO! I cannot wait, I need to make a special animation for my turtlemobile!

I’ll see what I can do in Avimator/Qavimator for tinies, then write down the settings and post them when I’m done. Not doing that today though, but when I can.. I will. The site I used a long time ago was at Purple Wyvern, but that blog seems gone and no cache is available unfortunately so I can’t even send you to the WayBack machine to see the info.

I’ll work on it though and see what I can come up with this week hopefully! I think I’m about done with my initial work for Raglan U, yay! Will finalize some stuff in the next day or two, and be able to check stuff off my ToDo list so I know exactly what is next. But I’ll put this on my other list of stuff I wanna do.

I has a lot of lists both for RL and SL stuff hehe


11 May

awwww, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.