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Playing with an old LoopRez

9 May

Way back when I first joined SL, I attended a class at NCI on making hair. It came with a LoopRez all set up for us to use. At some point soon after, I picked up another LoopRez that just rezzes whatever you put in it out at Sirena Hair. This version makes a ring of whatever you put in, without changing the sizes or anything like the hair one does. I also see I have another in a folder from a skirt making class way long ago too.

I can line prims up just fine on my own, but if I have a tool that will help me line them in a circle.. I’ll use it! I have seen some shops mention that they don’t use LoopRez, I don’t understand why someone would care if their bracelet was made with looprez or not? I’m not judging, I’m just not sure I understand. If it’s a cute bracelet, it’s a cute bracelet! I can’t just automatically wear what appears above the looprez though. It takes a little fine tuning, adjusting of textures perhaps, moving a prim or two. I guess that stating no looprez is used just means each piece is hand crafted which is pretty awesome! Takes a lot of patience if the pieces are finely detailed!

With my gift card from Cory of Bejambles, from the Easter hunt, I bought a beads pack woohoo! I also have some clippy thingies like for keeping a necklace on too! Now with LoopRez all set up, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it will even do linked prims! I expected an error actually. This is fun and I’ve always wanted to make jewelry but I get frustrated trying to make a lovely circle of beads.

I textured, linked, and set it up. Now I have a cute little bracelet to size on myself later. Too laggy here at Skidz to risk changing avatars though. Had some trouble rezzing textures even. Had to leave to pre-load my sculpt textures I wanted to use then come back so I can have prim space to work with hehe

I don’t know if LoopRez is still something that is free or if it’s something to be paid for now. It’s made by Ged Larsen, so you can check his profile and shops to see what you find. It’s possible there’s an even better version now!

That said, I don’t feel comfortable handing out the copy I have. Although I was given it free in a class, it was so long ago that it is possible the creator maybe sells it now. Maybe he offers it in his shop for free? I don’t know. You can go check his shop or the places I originally found mine, but please respect the fact that I do not feel comfortable handing my copy to you. <3