Shop Update

8 May

more textures, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

If you had clicked the Subscribe-o-Matic by the shop door, you’d know I sent an update out this weekend! I usually send them on weekends, mostly because I feel silly sending out a notice for just one item. This time I had info about several!

Two new texture packs this week, the one on the left Tissue Paper Brights 1 is new today. The Scribbles one came out earlier this week or last.. (sometime between today and my last update I sent out haha)

Plus on the roof with my bunnies is three bunny barns!

Ahh I forgot to send the notice out with this info too. I’m showing 14 panels of art in Raglan Shire’s Art Walk! I’m also showing three sculptures over in the sculpture area. The flat art is also viewable upstairs in the shop on my land, along with some older art and boxed sculptures.

So join the updater, it’s not gonna use a group. It’s free to join and uses the Subscribe-o-Matic software.

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