Hey people with high prim boxes!

8 May

When you box your stuff up, could some of you maybe consider a few less prims for your “gift box”? When I can’t open something I got at your shop during a hunt because the gift box is well over 30 prims (and the object I’m trying to get out of it is well under that).. well, that’s just lame.

I know, I know.. I shouldn’t complain because it was free. Well just so it’s very clear, I’m not griping about the item or prizes! I’m griping because your gift box is ridiculously primmy and I can’t even rez it on my land to see what’s inside!

Wearing it and trying to drag the item out doesn’t work if it’s no-copy either it seems. Maybe SL is just having a spaz at the moment, but so far on several boxes (from old hunts that I never sorted fully) I’m finding that I’ll need to go out to a sandbox to even see what’s inside.


I think a one prim box either with your shop’s box logo or the photo of the item is the best. I especially love boxes with the item’s photo. Particularly on hunts, that way I can see quickly if it’s something I’d use or be able to wear.

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