Sculpt Studio Custom Sculpt Prim

7 May

I know I saw this somewhere a while back but I couldn’t find it so I don’t know who to credit for the original knowledge they shared. I couldn’t exactly remember how it was done, so I just gave it a shot. I figure the worst that happens is I delete the broken mat and rez a new copy!

Edit the mat and pull the Sculpt Frame to your inventory.
Rez it on the ground.
Pull the Sculpt Prim out of that frame and rez it too.
Rez a cube, change it to sculpt, xyz 1.0 sized
Pull the script out of the original Sculpt Prim, put it in yours.
Rename yours to match the old.

Then put it all back together, deleting the original copies and leaving yours.

If it worked right (and I didn’t leave any steps out) when you do your frame, sculpt prim, it’ll now show you as creator instead of TBB. I can’t take credit for this though! I’m just relaying what I did just a few moments ago in case anyone else is looking for the same info too :)

If you break your mat, well.. rez a new copy! If it works, then save this mat as a special one to use in the future. Yay for you!

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