Qavimator classes!

7 May


Danish Visions has some classes, I’ve never attended one but last month they had Qavimator courses but they were held at 12am SL time. Eek! I might still be up, but I am usually not really awake enough for something difficult. I could do an easy build class, but not something that I struggle with!

Here’s their calendar Danish Visions Calendar (google based)

This month they hold them at Noon SL according to that page! :) I hope that is correct, cause I am so gonna go. One to do poses, I can do some but I don’t feel like it’s something I’m super confident about. Animations is where I struggle. I took the NCI course maybe a year and a half ago, I should take it again if it’s still held. My animations are very spazzy.

I tried to make one for my turtlemobile (it’s somewhere around the water on my land, a goofy prim turtle car) so that when I sat, I randomly would look to the left, to the right, wiggle my foot or something. But it was more like jacked up on an overdose of an epinephrine shot (if you got bad asthma, you know what I’m talkin’ about probably) and caffinated pepsi. Look left, look right, do it really fast, whoa crap whiplash!!!!! Uh hum… That’s what it was like. You won’t be able to ride the turtle, he’ll tell you he’s too tired. That’s so people don’t ride him off my land and leave him all alone and frightened in someone’s back yard. He’s a crybaby.

I want to make tiny ones too, I think it will be fun to have my own custom dance, that way I can attach Teddy just right so we can waltz! <3 <3 <3

Right now I'm at a bunny auction at Bunny Wranch. It's in voice, if you show up. There's a bit of a whirring static on her mic. Who sets the prices for their bunnies, the actual bunny owner or is there a standard kind of? Ohmygosh she's funny! #10 bunny has a little sword and she's been going on with little funny stories about the bunny will shank anyone who gets too close haha! Ooo peeps want this bunny, 5,000 for a pally bunny!

I went to RP Class #2 on Emotive RP, held out at Deadwood too. I went AFK to get water and use the catbox, then came back to see the class was over haha! It only took 30 minutes. But, I got class notes and a list of good emotive words! She did good at showing the difference between blah, but okay.. to wow spectacular. I felt much better there as a human in my Prairie getup as opposed to being super bright in pink and blues as a tiny hehe. I fit in way better!

Working on the shoes today that go with the dress. Plus, Valla had a brilliant idea! I'm going to dig out an adult sized avatar, I think I need to use a generic Library one though since I don't have one of my own haha! Then I'll create the mommy sized outfit too that'll coordinate. Once those are done I'll be ready to start recolors. First recolor is Green, for Valla <3

Then I'll dig out some cute poses for us to make some box ads with! :) Ugh it will be super weird to be all…. grown up… for photos! I'll have to put together a good skin/shape. I've got lots of different skins, free from mM boards and stuff but they never look good as a childav, too much eyeliner hehe.

The boots is something I'm not sure about yet. I will make them but not sure if I can sculpt or if I will need to prim them instead. I've got a sole done, and I'll try to sculpt the upper part in a bit. All I need is to sculpt it so it covers the foot. Then I'll decide if I do extra prim work on them. I think I'd like to make them laced, but that might just be unnecessary since it'll likely be hidden by the skirt anyway. Why prim up what no one's gonna see anyway?

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