New Release: Little bunny barns

7 May

Little bunny barns, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I thought I blogged this but I don’t see it here!

The little barn my bunnies hang out around is boxed up nearby. All three colors are white inside like the one there, but the external color will match the box color. Got that? hehehe

They’re No Mod, Copy, No Trans. If there’s a special color you’d like me to fix up and box for you, let me know :) If you IM me and I don’t reply, try again later.. I go AFK a lot and miss stuff but I’m not intentionally ignoring you! <3

These are on the roof of the shop, btw. While you’re there, say hi to Chewy and Nomalina. Say hello with words, not with saliva and teeth.. okay? Nom had a bit of saliva on her ears.. *peers at you guys* Uhm hum… gonna keep an eye on you people. There’s also to be no BBQ’s setup nearby. It upsets my lawn goose and Eggward! (Turn around and look at my house to see them)

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