Art showing – The Lost Photos

7 May

I am showing 2d and 3d arts at Raglan Shire’s Art Walk! (Photos in a moment!)

LM to my 2D art
LM to my 3D art

This year I went with a theme for snapshots. I post processed all the pictures to help with that theme. I call the set “The Lost Photos”. Photos taken by a Steampunk Kitten, many were taken in Steampunk sims. If you hover over each photo it’ll tell you what sim it was taken in, but here’s the list as well.

Joy of Steampunk
Bay City
Steelhead Shanghai
Japan Dream Kenjin
Raglan Shire Space Station (Ground level)
Heron Shire
Paris 1900
Kinzart Kreetures Shop

I recommend a visit to each sim as they each have something very special going on! :) Fair warning, the LM’s may take you to random spots. I just opened the map and searched the locations out. So you might land in the water in some spots sorry about that. Think of it as an adventure (or you can use your own search/LM’s hehe)

So please visit and see my art as well as everyone else’s art too! It may take some time to rez your first visit, so just be patient.

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