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6 May

Sort of related topics, in a round about way!

I hunted around, trying to search for a basic prairie dress with a pinafore. It’s near to impossible to find what I want when I’m after something really specific. It was taking more time to try and find the dress than I wanted to spend, so I made my own instead. It’s just a nice, basic, linen dress with a basic linen pinafore. YAY! I need to sculpt a collar still, as well as sculpt the tieback bows. I’ll also get to fixing myself up a bonnet with built in hair to go with it.

The Deadwood newspaper is out Black Hills Pioneer. I don’t know if this is a new thing or not, it’s really good! I’ve only read some of it but it’s super funny. I wasn’t sure about giving their RP sim a try but after reading this, and seeing a few today in class, and a few more (who I think were at the class but I didn’t notice) when I was at the library on their sim.. I think I like them. They’re nice and know how to laugh.

My bunnies aren’t for noms!


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  1. Valla-chan May 6, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    /me takes a break from nomming on teh bunnehs to say:

    ZOMG! Deadwood rulez! We totally have to go RP there!!! I has a horsey and everything!

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