RP Class 101

5 May

Tonight I attended a class held by Mahaila Bertrand out at Deadwood. It was pretty laggy so I didn’t get a chance to look around the welcome area, I’ll go back later as a human after the crowd disperses a little. She ran a good class, covered some initial basics of RP and gave good examples of how combat is handled.

Friday she is running another class, I think on how to do good emotes. Planning to attend that one too.

She said the forums hold a lot of great info too at The Road to Deadwood.

I’d like to join a RP sim, I think it’d be fun to get to write stories and such again. I used to RP a lot in Everquest and since then, there’s really not been much chance to RP. Sure being a kitty or a kid in SL is technically RP, but in RL I’m pretty childlike and I really do go around telling people I am a cat. So in SL, I am really kind of just being me heheheh (I am not a child in RL, I’m over 18!)

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