In chat someone said

5 May

In the Ozimals Orations and Updates group, they’re talking about dutch bunnies. I don’t really understand much of what they’re saying. It’s in English at least, but it’s also in ozimals terms so it’s sort of past my whiskers. Eventually I’ll understand.

Someone says dutch torties are special, another says dutch torties are recessive and not in the starter packs. I dunno what that means, all I know is Chewy is special two ways now! Special cause he’s my bunny <3 and special cause he's a tortoiseshell! Oh how fun!

Stats for Chewy: Ozimals v1.2

Owner: Lorimae Undercroft
Male Age: 6
Gens Left: 15*
Happy: 73%
Hunger: 1% L2
Thirst: 0% L2
Love: 0%
Energy: 29%
Fur: Dutch – Tortoiseshell
Eyes: Light Gray
Ears: Lop Ears
Shade: Dusky

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