Adoption card reading time!

5 May

You guys gotta know by now how much I love to read filled out adoption forms. Maybe one day I’ll see the perfect one who I’ll be all yay and feel the need to set up a board to go “like” them. Probably not though hehehe. Mostly though, I just giggle.. a lot.

I am really amazed at how many request 100% time spent together. I am too introverted for that I guess. I just cannot imagine logging on and instantly having my virtual mom and dad (and likely sibling too!) pounce on me to spend time together non stop. When do these people build, explore, go to classes, crash dance parties with extreme cuteness?

So I saw one and it said they wanted twins I think it was, that would take over the RP they’ve established for their prim babies. I think that would be difficult to do, to find two people who are to become actors in a script. It would be interesting to get updates on some of these adoption cards.

I saw another one that said what percentage of time, and said it’s because they’re working a lot in SL. I am a bad kitty, my first thought was that the work was.. um.. not child friendly. So I delete hers, she can’t be my catbox scooper momma if she’s gonna be all creative with the word “work”.

*rolls around meowing and laughing*

I’m just a mean child avatar/kitty I think. It’s not nice of me to giggle at these things people write. <3

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