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Avatar is stuck in world

4 May

Update: All good! Thanks to Victorianna for resetting her sim <3

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My bunny

4 May

My bunny, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Look at my little bunny <3

LOOK AT HIM! *holds your face and aims it at the bunny* LOOK!

He hasn’t a name yet, names take time! He’s sleepin’ right now. I put food out and set his config up like the manual said. Look at his little wee paws, just wanna poke ’em to annoy him now!

He’s not for noms so keep yer teeth offa him!

I need to build him a nice cottage

Sculpt Studio Hud #2 class

4 May

We learned more on the hud. It’s worth taking Eleanora Newell’s classes if you own Sculpt Studio or even are thinking about it.. especially her beginner course. It’s meant for people who just bought it or are thinking about it.

If you aren’t using the hud yet, please consider doing so. She teaches two classes on it and truly I find sculpting so much easier now. I feel like my skill is improving now because I can spend more time sculpting and less time trying to scoot the slices around by hand.

Especially after today, dang.. I didn’t know we could rotate/resize/move with the hud! How awesome. It’ll take me a bit to incorporate all this into my daily sculpting though, but it is so great to know this stuff.

Today we didn’t build anything, we were tasked to move slices around and learn the various buttons and custom options! Go take her class!

It’s like being in cotton candy

4 May

It’s just not as nommable!

This is String Theory by Summer that we’re playing in! :) It’s very fun and very pretty. Shire/147/186/22

Tomorrow is bunny day

4 May

I am toooo sleepy tonight to do all the steps and read the rest of the Ozimals manual. So tomorrow is BUNNY DAY! With photos <3 I bought food and fixed a nice area up on the roof of my gallery/shop too! It will be exciting to see what my bunny from Gram looks like. Wheee! I wish I wasn't so sleepy.

Off to bed, sooner to sleep.. sooner to rez a bunny!