Sculpting today!

3 May

Today I’m going to try to finish up the sculpting I need for Raglan U as well as finish the gears needed for my husband’s new house. He’s not very active, but lately he’s starting to show some interest in SL. We explored a couple steampunk sims. How fun! He likes the steampunk stuff as much as me!

So far I have two gears, finishing up a third now. Then I’ll get started on the furniture I want to put in the university! I am super excited about the Raglan U projects. I’ve got almost all my notecards finished, the building is just about ready too. I need to plant a few flowers. Thanks to Tvera’s texture shop, I have plenty of lovely alpha flowers to choose from that I’ve won on her MM board <3

SLURL: Tvera’s Shop

Check at the door as you are going in, see my graffiti?! It says “Lorimae Nommed Here” :) I don’t know if she’s still running the Alpha Scribble Project but if she is.. there’ll be a semi-transparent box near the entrance to click about it! Plus she has sweet textures and a gallery above too!

Fair warning, if today I am slow to respond .. er.. slower than usual.. I apologize <3 Unfortunately today is another very medicated day to combat RL pain. I am not sure how often I will be AFK or how observant I will be to even realize I have IM's or friends who've logged on. I <3 you guys still, I'm just very much not with it the last 48 hours or so.

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