Oh! I have bunnies!

3 May

Thank you to GGW Farmer’s Market and Gram Breen! <3

I got what I think is an Ozimals Nest from the lucky bunny "chair" at GGW Farmer's Market! I am not 100% positive that it's a bunny till I rez it later though. It's titled Ozimals Nest so I assume it is a nest (as opposed to maybe furniture?). Then Gram Breen saw my post on the Raglan boards sent me an IM about their bunnies, and when I was afk playing Wii sent me a bunny!!

Ohmygosh! Yay! Thank you so much Gram <3 :)

Now I see how people have so many bunnies. It starts with just thinking about bunnies and visiting people's farms and then suddenly you spot a lucky chair and a a kind person comes along to enable you and offers you a bunny and next thing I know I'm gonna have bunnies!



I will get photos later! I need to make a spot for them to live and buy them food.

Gram says this bunny is a male, 4 days old. Oh yippie! I has a boy! :)

Oh yes… this is so exciting I dunno what to do suddenly! It's one thing to be seeking a bunny and now that I have one I'm all.. ack now what!

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