Learning more about Ozimals

3 May

I found the official forums! I visited some LM’s that people posted. Did you know there are bunny adoption agencies!? I didn’t! Now I know. Of the three listed, I could only find two. One had some nests but I think those were the land owner’s actual bunnies for sale. The other has some bunnies.

Well I read last night on the forums that people like lives vs baskets so they can see gender and bunny’s look. I hadn’t been looking at the lives very close. I will go around and do that, because it hadn’t really sunk in that with a basket I don’t know the gender. I don’t really care about the gender, later it might be important.

Do I want one bunny, two so they mate, I dunno! I’m gonna do like Awen suggested, make a list and make sure I know what fees I’m getting into. It looks like if I buy bulk food, I can just put dishes out as needed. So does that mean one bulk food will feed one bunny for basically it’s whole life.. one bowl per month for 10 months? Cause if so, this isn’t as costly as I pictured.

Two bunnies, minus cost of bunny, with assuming two bulk boxes needed to cover 10 months per bunny. That’s like.. 15 dollars RL money.. but that’s for TEN months of bunny fun. Dude.. we used to pay 15 bucks a month just to play WoW.. for each of us!

So I think I like it! But.. before I buy two bunnies, I want to make sure I really really know what I’m getting into exactly. I think I need to figure out do I want two non related bunnies or two sibling bunnies! I won’t tell them they’re related, that way they don’t worry about it if I get two siblings.

Orrrr…. do I go buy the starter box at Ozimal’s official shop?

I am seriously having a blast going around shopping for a bunny :) It’s like a grand adventure.

These are things I gotta look up on the forums, to find out benefits. What’s the exclusive gift in the box? I like exclusive and I like gifts! I do indeed. OHMYGOSH I can’t wait to get my bunny/bunnies home. Not today probably, but maybe by the weekend I’ll find at least one bunny that will agree to live with a kitty who has a difficult time remembering bunnies are not for nomming on.

I promise *holds up right paw* I will not nom on my pet bunny.

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