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Cute sculpty table

3 May

Cute sculpty table, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This is a desk/table for at Raglan U, I sculpted it! On top is a questions notecard to click and fill out. It’s not a form, it’s just got a note at the top of the notecard to remind you guys that if you send questions.. rename the notecard proper or I likely won’t see it!

Do it right or I’ll make you clean my catbox! yesyes! Catbox!

*runs around happily* catbox!!

Chalkboard at Raglan U

3 May

Chalkboard at Raglan U, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

It’s not ready for opening yet, but here’s the chalkboard I’ve been making textures for lately!

Dunce cap at Raglan U

3 May

Dunce cap at Raglan U, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

hehe :) Sculpted the little stool and made the texture for the hat yay!

I’d call him SkidMark

3 May

I’d call him SkidMark, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I would.. if I was adopting him, but I’m not.. so I won’t

But I thought you should know that’s what I’d of named him haha

Marketplace Beta

3 May


Official SL Entry on SL Marketplace Beta

Sooo does that mean there’s not going to be any crappy fees for if I choose to sell some of my dorky builds for a low cost because, in my opinion, they aren’t worth much haha. Way back when, I took my stuff out of XStreet because I didn’t want to get hit with fees while I was away. Currently I only have my 7seas rods available there.

I don’t want to do the work of relisting only to find I have to roll my eyes, grit my teeth, and take my listings down to avoid crazy fees cause my stuff is priced low. It’s priced low in world too!

I don’t quite know what’s going on, go read though. Not thinking clearly today haha so I don’t have an opinion about it. I’ll let you know when I take time to read about it and see. It may actually state about the fees, I dunno.. I’m just griping without any clear info. It’s what bloggers do. hahaha

I got photos I’m gonna blog, brb.

Sculpting today!

3 May

Today I’m going to try to finish up the sculpting I need for Raglan U as well as finish the gears needed for my husband’s new house. He’s not very active, but lately he’s starting to show some interest in SL. We explored a couple steampunk sims. How fun! He likes the steampunk stuff as much as me!

So far I have two gears, finishing up a third now. Then I’ll get started on the furniture I want to put in the university! I am super excited about the Raglan U projects. I’ve got almost all my notecards finished, the building is just about ready too. I need to plant a few flowers. Thanks to Tvera’s texture shop, I have plenty of lovely alpha flowers to choose from that I’ve won on her MM board <3

SLURL: Tvera’s Shop

Check at the door as you are going in, see my graffiti?! It says “Lorimae Nommed Here” :) I don’t know if she’s still running the Alpha Scribble Project but if she is.. there’ll be a semi-transparent box near the entrance to click about it! Plus she has sweet textures and a gallery above too!

Fair warning, if today I am slow to respond .. er.. slower than usual.. I apologize <3 Unfortunately today is another very medicated day to combat RL pain. I am not sure how often I will be AFK or how observant I will be to even realize I have IM's or friends who've logged on. I <3 you guys still, I'm just very much not with it the last 48 hours or so.

Oh! I have bunnies!

3 May

Thank you to GGW Farmer’s Market and Gram Breen! <3

I got what I think is an Ozimals Nest from the lucky bunny "chair" at GGW Farmer's Market! I am not 100% positive that it's a bunny till I rez it later though. It's titled Ozimals Nest so I assume it is a nest (as opposed to maybe furniture?). Then Gram Breen saw my post on the Raglan boards sent me an IM about their bunnies, and when I was afk playing Wii sent me a bunny!!

Ohmygosh! Yay! Thank you so much Gram <3 :)

Now I see how people have so many bunnies. It starts with just thinking about bunnies and visiting people's farms and then suddenly you spot a lucky chair and a a kind person comes along to enable you and offers you a bunny and next thing I know I'm gonna have bunnies!



I will get photos later! I need to make a spot for them to live and buy them food.

Gram says this bunny is a male, 4 days old. Oh yippie! I has a boy! :)

Oh yes… this is so exciting I dunno what to do suddenly! It's one thing to be seeking a bunny and now that I have one I'm all.. ack now what!

Learning more about Ozimals

3 May

I found the official forums! I visited some LM’s that people posted. Did you know there are bunny adoption agencies!? I didn’t! Now I know. Of the three listed, I could only find two. One had some nests but I think those were the land owner’s actual bunnies for sale. The other has some bunnies.

Well I read last night on the forums that people like lives vs baskets so they can see gender and bunny’s look. I hadn’t been looking at the lives very close. I will go around and do that, because it hadn’t really sunk in that with a basket I don’t know the gender. I don’t really care about the gender, later it might be important.

Do I want one bunny, two so they mate, I dunno! I’m gonna do like Awen suggested, make a list and make sure I know what fees I’m getting into. It looks like if I buy bulk food, I can just put dishes out as needed. So does that mean one bulk food will feed one bunny for basically it’s whole life.. one bowl per month for 10 months? Cause if so, this isn’t as costly as I pictured.

Two bunnies, minus cost of bunny, with assuming two bulk boxes needed to cover 10 months per bunny. That’s like.. 15 dollars RL money.. but that’s for TEN months of bunny fun. Dude.. we used to pay 15 bucks a month just to play WoW.. for each of us!

So I think I like it! But.. before I buy two bunnies, I want to make sure I really really know what I’m getting into exactly. I think I need to figure out do I want two non related bunnies or two sibling bunnies! I won’t tell them they’re related, that way they don’t worry about it if I get two siblings.

Orrrr…. do I go buy the starter box at Ozimal’s official shop?

I am seriously having a blast going around shopping for a bunny :) It’s like a grand adventure.

These are things I gotta look up on the forums, to find out benefits. What’s the exclusive gift in the box? I like exclusive and I like gifts! I do indeed. OHMYGOSH I can’t wait to get my bunny/bunnies home. Not today probably, but maybe by the weekend I’ll find at least one bunny that will agree to live with a kitty who has a difficult time remembering bunnies are not for nomming on.

I promise *holds up right paw* I will not nom on my pet bunny.