Narrowing it down!

2 May

Yes! I’m narrowing it down *high five*

I think I want my bunny to be half-a-lop. They’re cute <3

Then I think the bunny’s fur markings/color is where I get stalled. I like several, but I don’t want several bunnies. I only want one (and somehow I figure eventually I end up with more don’t I? hehe). Well I think that for fur colors I like these:

Holland Lop B/W
Holland Lop White
Holland Lop Fawn/White
Havana Broken Black
Havana Broken Chocolate
Havana Broken Blue
Harlequin Black Magpie
English Spot Blue
English Spot Tortoiseshell
English Spot Black

Then on the list of pictures there’s also a cute cream one called Argent, a cute Silver Fox, and one called Blanc something.. I never see those in any booth so far today or yesterday. I did overhear a lady asking another about argents, and she was told they were already sold. So those are likely not gonna be what I call cheap bunnies, so they’re off the list!

Then we gotta cover eye color. There’s some eyes I think are super pretty on the site and others that are just bleh.

The pink and red ones ick.. no thank you. But I do like the bright ones, the gem stone eyes are so neat especially Sapphire, Peridot, Turquoise, and Amethyst. Plus of the non gem named eyes I love the light Lavender/Blue/Green eyes and the Dark Blue eyes.

So you see, I’m not very picky after all!

I don’t know what makes the bunny more expensive. It sounds reasonable to me to think that gem stone eyed bunnies would be more costly, because well.. their eyes are gems. But I’ve found that not always to be true, I’ve seen some low cost gem eyes and some real costly ones.

I saw a bunny (I forget breed/eyes) but he was 5,000. I think he must poop gold.

So far I haven’t found a bunny that fits the right ears, to right breed yet. Wait, I mean to say.. I haven’t found that combo that’s not making my gut clench from the price haha. I saw some 50L bunnies but they were dutch bunnies if I remember correctly. Don’t want one of those.

But at least I’ve got it narrowed down some, it’s making it easier to skip over booths that specialize in certain kinds or are just downright costly.

I thought about taking a chance and buying a starter kit, then just seeing what bunny I get. Or even trying one of the various random nest vendors I’ve come across, bunny gacha, ftw! Still not sure. This whole finding the right bunny is hard, maybe I am trying to hard. Maybe… the bunny must choose me!

Um hum.. I think that’s the case. But before I do that, I’ll look at more bunny shops. In too much RL pain to do much else, so to the next bunny sim I go!

I am still confused as to if I need to buy a nest or a bunny. I don’t want it to be like.. halfway through life and die on me next week. I also don’t want to be stuck with the silly name it has. I want to give him my own silly name, like.. like.. um.. well I’ll tell you later when I come up with some silly names. Stop pressuring me sheesh!! hehehe

If you have a bunny shop, please send me a LM in world.. just drop it on my profile! :) I’ll visit! Ozimals bunny is what I’m after, but if you have other breedable animals (turtles or whatever).. I still wanna see <3 Especially if you have sheep, ohmygosh send the LM yesterday and stop stalling!!

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