I know it’s your land.. but..

2 May

I think that having flying turned off on a sim that’s spread out as far as possible with little bunny booths is just silly. Do people really walk all the way one direction, only to walk back to the center, to then walk another direction, return to center.. and keep doing this for all compass directions?

I’m not griping about *all* sims with fly off. I can see where it comes in handy, especially in RP sims. I still grumble aloud here at my desk about it, but if it keeps the immersion the way the sim owners want it..I can respect it! But when it’s nothing but booths for buying bunnies.. come on now man. Be kind to my paws because Teddy won’t carry me! I still respect the sim owner’s choice in this case too, it’s their sim and they can do as they like.

Who am I to complain though really! I feel like I’m being rude about this, but I also feel the need to gripe publicly hahaha! It’s what nerd cats with blogs do sometimes when there is a need. I mean I’d be peeved if someone gave me lip about my land layout (then again mine’s only 40×60 meters or so). If you don’t like my land, then leave haha. But dang dude… turn some fly on then slap a giant invisible mega prim in the sky if you don’t want people flying higher than a specific point. I’m all for your privacy in the sky, but mah paws is tired after three booths! So unfortunately for the vendors in your sim, they lost all chance of making a sale.. even if they have the perfect bunny for me.. I’ve no patience to walk the entire giant area!

So.. I left! I could not even cam to see how many booths were actually rented. It may be that only the ones right at the center were, but *shrug*

Giant invisible sky mega prim, it is your friend <3

(jus sayin…. I likes to fly)

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