Bunny auctions!

2 May

Whoa.. so I’m out here at the Bunny Wranch (spelling is right) looking at the bunnies. Thinking to myself this is surprisingly lag free, despite all sorts of bunnies around. Then I started to lag up, badly. As I walk past one booth I hear two in it say “too many people!” then a moment later I realize there’s a huge mass of green dots on the map. Turns out they’re auctioning off various bunnies. How do the bunnies feel about this? I’ll tell you, most of them are napping.. they don’t care apparently! So long as they get fed, I think they’re okay with it.

The price is really going up on whatever bunny it is! It’s gone from 800 to 2100 in just a few minutes. I assume it’s the same bunny since it’s the same bidder’s having at it. What is so special about that bunny? Does he poop $L?

I am confused. I see bunnies for 100 and I see bunnies for over 3,000 in various booths. Sometimes the price ranges that in a single booth! They’re in baskets mostly so how can I be sure that you’re not selling me some seriously butt ugly bunny that has a drool problem and needs diapers to prevent messes? For 100 linden, I’ll take a risk and build him a diaper. For 3,000 he better be so cute I could just puke!

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