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Ohhh cute

2 May

Ohhh cute, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.


Bunny with severe cuteness

2 May

Beautiful bunny shop

2 May

Beautiful bunny shop, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Hunting for a bunny

2 May

Hunting for a bunny, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I know it’s your land.. but..

2 May

I think that having flying turned off on a sim that’s spread out as far as possible with little bunny booths is just silly. Do people really walk all the way one direction, only to walk back to the center, to then walk another direction, return to center.. and keep doing this for all compass directions?

I’m not griping about *all* sims with fly off. I can see where it comes in handy, especially in RP sims. I still grumble aloud here at my desk about it, but if it keeps the immersion the way the sim owners want it..I can respect it! But when it’s nothing but booths for buying bunnies.. come on now man. Be kind to my paws because Teddy won’t carry me! I still respect the sim owner’s choice in this case too, it’s their sim and they can do as they like.

Who am I to complain though really! I feel like I’m being rude about this, but I also feel the need to gripe publicly hahaha! It’s what nerd cats with blogs do sometimes when there is a need. I mean I’d be peeved if someone gave me lip about my land layout (then again mine’s only 40×60 meters or so). If you don’t like my land, then leave haha. But dang dude… turn some fly on then slap a giant invisible mega prim in the sky if you don’t want people flying higher than a specific point. I’m all for your privacy in the sky, but mah paws is tired after three booths! So unfortunately for the vendors in your sim, they lost all chance of making a sale.. even if they have the perfect bunny for me.. I’ve no patience to walk the entire giant area!

So.. I left! I could not even cam to see how many booths were actually rented. It may be that only the ones right at the center were, but *shrug*

Giant invisible sky mega prim, it is your friend <3

(jus sayin…. I likes to fly)

Narrowing it down!

2 May

Yes! I’m narrowing it down *high five*

I think I want my bunny to be half-a-lop. They’re cute <3

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Bunny auctions!

2 May

Whoa.. so I’m out here at the Bunny Wranch (spelling is right) looking at the bunnies. Thinking to myself this is surprisingly lag free, despite all sorts of bunnies around. Then I started to lag up, badly. As I walk past one booth I hear two in it say “too many people!” then a moment later I realize there’s a huge mass of green dots on the map. Turns out they’re auctioning off various bunnies. How do the bunnies feel about this? I’ll tell you, most of them are napping.. they don’t care apparently! So long as they get fed, I think they’re okay with it.

The price is really going up on whatever bunny it is! It’s gone from 800 to 2100 in just a few minutes. I assume it’s the same bunny since it’s the same bidder’s having at it. What is so special about that bunny? Does he poop $L?

I am confused. I see bunnies for 100 and I see bunnies for over 3,000 in various booths. Sometimes the price ranges that in a single booth! They’re in baskets mostly so how can I be sure that you’re not selling me some seriously butt ugly bunny that has a drool problem and needs diapers to prevent messes? For 100 linden, I’ll take a risk and build him a diaper. For 3,000 he better be so cute I could just puke!

I want an Ozimals!

2 May

I’m gonna get one I think. I like to visit other people’s bunnies, chickens, turtles, and whatever else people manage to be breeding up.

Wyrmwood Online bunny types

See? I think I will get a half lop. I don’t know what color yet, I kind of like the spotty ones though! I saw a cute one tonight but it looked at Teddy funny so he’s a bit hesitant on that one. Plenty of bunnies to choose from, no need to bring home one that likes to nom. Cause kitties are not for noms, repeat after me bunny!

Then there’s eye color! Eye color chart

I think the gem eyes are lovely, the pink one is a bit weird but I haven’t actually seen a bunny with it yet. Tomorrow I will need to maybe find me a bunny owner to ask questions of.

My bunny will just be a pet, not for breeding because I’ll be honest.. I don’t want to have to keep track of babies haha. I got more important things to do like renovate my land repeatedly! :)

If I buy a bunny that’s hopping around, is he gonna die soon from old age? Sometimes they’re in their 60’s already. Is that old for a bunny?

Cannot wait, I’ll build my new bunny a cute little house and make him a bed and maybe give him his own little Teddy.

Picking a bunny is a difficult task. Boy or girl, what color, how old, from a basket or hopping around? Teddy isn’t ready to settle on one specific bunny yet. Maybe tomorrow!