Gridwide Dragon Hunt

1 May

Yay it’s may 1st so it’s time! I first saw a sign when I was visiting Eren’s shop I think it was. I would have forgotten had I not seen it pop up in the google reader. I am not a vendor in this hunt, I am just excited to have a new hunt to go on :)

Dragon Hunt Blog w/ LM’s and Hints

Neato! I’m at store 1 waiting on it to rez. I’ve no idea what the prizes are, if they’re dragon themed or what exactly, but I like hunts and I like Eren so I’m giving it a shot.

You can also keep an eye on SL Schnaeppchen because that is where I check after a few days into any hunt to see what photos she’s got of hunt prizes. No promises that she’ll cover this hunt, but it’s always worth bookmarking just in case and for future hunts!

I has some rez issues today, also chat keeps stopping so I have to close and re-initiate it to find out if anyone’s speaking. It happens very often with Raglan chat. Last thing I saw was at 11:03 SL time. I was afk a while then when I came back, then I redid it and finally at 14:30ish chat comes again. I miss a lot of chat. bleh.

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