Art Walk on the Shire!

27 Apr

It’s coming up soon!  If you want to show some art or sculptures, go sign up so they know how much prim space to allot for the art walk!   You can read about it at the <a href=”“>Raglan Shire</a> website.  It is free and you don’t have to be tiny, you can be whatever as long as you like art and are able to keep the PG sim rating in mind!  If you don’t want to show, be sure to come visit it at least.  There’s gonna be lots of stuff to see.

I processed some photos today and out of all the ones I’ve taken recently, so far only 11 are what I’m after.  ARGH!  Two that I just thought would be so great were not fitting in after I finished the post processing steps.  They don’t work well with the other photos, still great on their own though.  Tonight I’ll see about finding the final four around the grid.  I have a few more specific sims to visit in search of the right photos.  15 arts (one prim each) can be shown, as well as three sculptures, yay!

I’m debating if any need another edit done or not.  I had a great idea that I may try out on the sculptures to see if it changes the effect in a good way.  Top secret and all!

You’ll get to see them soon.  I’ll compile a list of LM’s to all the places my photos are from so you can go visit too.  Maybe you can find the same spot my photo was taken from!

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