ohhai (more on MLP)

23 Apr

ohhai, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

i can haz yer wafflez?

(sitting in MLP class 2 at Builder’s Brewery)

I learned a lot but my brain is tired. It was a lot to take in. Next week I’ll attend “class 2” again, because we didn’t have time for all the topics. That’s okay though, much more and I’d of just started sitting there drooling on my prims.

She had a great example of a tub with a table with I dunno what it was, I forget. Then another table with a thing of flowers. Rezzed up as props based off the pose chosen. This is really neat, I’ll be able to really expand some of my ideas for a change. Without having to learn how to be a great scripter first!

If I heard her right, you can pick up the MLP2.4u at Builder’s Brewery, I assume inside the building. I didn’t look so don’t quote me on it, she said it on voice and I’m not positive if that’s what she said. That way you don’t have to worry about if you’re able to enter adult land or not.

If all else fails, lemme know and I’ll just drop a copy on you that I picked up. It’s free to trade around, just respect the notes on the scripts and maybe send a donation to the script writers too!

When it was named “MLP2.4u” I thought that stood for Multi Love Pose 2, for you. haha. Turns out that’s the version number! I learned that today in class. At least I think that’s what she said haha

I do not do well with voice chats


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