MLP – Multi Love Pose

23 Apr

URL: MLPV2 at the Wiki

Wait though!! It’s not all for the more distinctly adult furniture that I have no use for in any avatar I go around as haha. I thought it was, so I had skipped going to the MLP classes at Builder’s Brewery. Well I finally went and man, I am glad I did!

It’s a spectacular set of scripts. Sure it’s probably more often used in the adult beds, but it has it’s uses for PG things too! Namely the fact that I want to make -one- vehicle and be able to drive it as a tiny Siamese kitty, a quad kitty, and a human childAV. It gets old having to dig out the right vehicle, the right furniture, the right whatever until I figure out which one was for the right avatar’s butt.

You can search out MLP in SL, there’s the original made by Miffy Fluffy and there’s also another made by Learjeff Innis that can be picked up at jPose. You can search their profiles to find the copies.

jPose is an adult pose shop it seems from what little managed to rez around me while In the actual building. When I visited to pick up the freebie MLP 2 box there were a couple of avatars sort of.. uh.. gross. I could have gone my entire SL life without ever having to have seen them doing that, thank you please stop haha! Just so you guys know, should you choose to visit, keep in mind there might be people trying out the poses.

If I remember correctly, when you rez, go into the building and as you walk toward the center of the shop, I think on the right side up on a ledge was the freebie MLP and I think something else, maybe a sit targeter too? It’s free too!

Or you could just go to the Builder’s Brewery class on MLP. There’s two classes for MLP by the same teacher. Beginner and then the second class, the second is today I think at 12:30 SL time. (Today’s Friday, April 23rd btw.. if you’re reading this later) If you haven’t any skill with working it, you’ll probably need her first class instead because she does the basics. Search MLP in event search.

She provides the scripts needed and runs through what to do, complete with class notes so you can go over it again later. I just went over it all again. I had to leave class early the other day, but now I’m ready to go!

I managed to set up one of my custom tiny poses in it! I think my old practice pose isn’t set right, I had to turn my AO off to make it work hehe.

I’m real happy to have learned about MLP, this really opens up a lot of possibilities for making furniture. Not only that, but I can make it so that my object isn’t mod I think, but the pose position is. That way if your tiny dragon or metalic robot butt don’t fit.. you can adjust it, yay!

k, that’s all for now.

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