Building and sculpting!

17 Apr

I made a spool today, the kind for holding sewing thread. Unfortunately, I think SnapZilla is bugging a little because none of those photos are sending to Flickr so I can blog them easily. Hopefully it’ll catch up, if not then tomorrow I’ll link the photos from there to here.

Lori’s Snapzilla stuff

Better yet, you just go look hehe!

I have several sculpts still to make for my land renovation. The spool was one of them, as well as a wall piece I finished already. What should be an easy and quick sculpting is taking me a while, lots of AFK’s needed the last few days. Stupid pains, pain don’t stop even if I log into SL. But, Sl helps keep me occupied with fun things like building, fishing (Fishaversery by 7seas is going!!), pestering friends, making them try on stuff I build hehehe. It all refocuses me a bit so that I don’t focus on the pain so much.

Sculpting is always fun, but it gets more and more fun as I gain confidence in my abilities. When I get a few sculpts done, I’ll get them up in the shop to sell, after it’s renovated. Of course it’s the usual rules that texture shops have, only for content creation, not for selling/giving away the texture files themselves. If your friends want a copy, then they need to buy it too. If you don’t agree with that, then please save us both the hassle and just skip over my texture shop completely.

Tonight I’m finishing up breaking my large temp build down into small sections so I have the pieces I want to sculpt, then I’m off to sleep. I’m thinking that I’ll keep the lower ground to a few items, with TP’s to the sky where more can be on display. A bit like how Sissy’s is out at USC. She has her small shop with the new releases and such, then up high is her grand shop. I like that.

It’d allow me more room too, without having to build really tall buildings on the ground that just wouldn’t fit well with my style or the style of the shire.

Alrighty, time to clean my mess up in world at Skidz. I’m done blogging and I’m sleepy.

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