Looking at prim babies

15 Apr

Why? Cause they make me giggle. Not only is there prim babies but you can go to lamaze class! -giggle- Wonder if they’d let me sit in on one so I can watch, or better yet.. how’s the whole birthing done.. I wanna see a virtual birthing. For real. Who’s about to have a baby, I wanna tag along! I’ll try not to faint and I’ll try very hard to not giggle the whole time too. Serious cat means serious business.

*serious face…giggle*

There are a whole lot more shops with prim babies than I expected. These babies range from whoa-that’s-butt-ugly to awwww-soooo-cuuuute <3<3

You know.. cute for a baby, anyway. Zooby's are cute, so are the ones at Honeydew. Other than that, I haven't found any other babies that make me go awww. It's a slow process though, waiting on rezzing so I can give a fair shot at the ugly or cute opinion hehe!

I am surprised at the prices in some shops. I'm not shocked at the 5 or 6k price for a highly scripted, very well built and textured baby. I think that's reasonable (even if I'm too cheap to spend that on a prim baby myself hehe) I am surprised by the ones that aren't exactly of the same um.. skill and cuteness, being sold for higher cost! High price don't make that kid not ugly!

I want a prim baby, but I want it to be not scripted I think. I don't want the thing crying or telling me it pooped or talking. It can poop, but do it silently. It would be cute to get to feed it though! I can't find any shops with unscripted ones. Wait, I clarify, I can't find shops with unscripted ones that look better than what I can build myself.

So… I think I will build one myself! It will give me more sculpting practice. Figure out how to give it a nose, make cute little feets, make it two diapers. Empty and Full. haha!!

As a kitty, I feel the need to drape a human baby over my ears and carry it around. Some cats raise baby squirrels or even puppies. Not me man, I need me a human! Raise that human right, teach it to meow, teach it to nom waffles at an early age, teach it to use the litterbox and also bribe it to clean it for me.

As a human, I'll just tell people someone left it in the nest at the birdhouse I live in with a note saying "Please care for this human." Oh I will care for it! I will feed it waffles!

That's it for now, I found some sheep to take a photo of.

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