Texturing Sculpties, help me please?

14 Apr

Help please!

I want to texture my sculpties and make them look really spiffy. How do you guys do it?

I don’t have any good UV texture maps, where the heck are those picked up free at or even sold in world? I could just make my own. I dunno why I haven’t!

I have Blacksmith3D. I have a Gacha machine (random item vendor, like a gumball machine at a RL market). I am not sure if I am just too impatient or if I’m doing it wrong.

When I go to color the turn-dial part, I have trouble getting a good solid color right at the edge where it meets up to the machine body. It fades and says polygon culling. What? What’s that exactly?

Is there a way so I can color the dial, the little capsule catcher (it’s like a little cup sticking out of the base to virtually catch your prize haha), seperately?

I’m not sure if this makes sense.. I am medicated today kind of heavily due to RL pain, so pardon me if I am more confusing than normal <3 I hope you still <3 me. haha

I have the base as one set of slices, made in Sculpt Studio. I then put a pole on each end of that section. I started a new section to create the top and bottom sections, each with their own poles. I created the knobby part using poles to make it a new piece within the sculpt. Same with the cup/prize catcher part.

So. Is there a setting in Blacksmith 3D to make it so I can color each piece, so that the poles actually prevent it from coloring onto the other piece? When I color the end/bottom cap pieces it bleeds onto the main body, same if I try to color the dial.. it does the culling/fading effect plus also gets onto the body.

I am trying to do this with a logitech mouseball, with the red ball that's on the top and the mouse stays stationary. I cannot figure out how to make have mouse-wheel/scroll. Might be too old of a mouse? That's a side issue, but I want to gripe about it anyway.

-siggghhhhh- hahahaha

What do I do? Is it just a matter of basically going with a size 1 brush and just doing my best, or is there some easy way that this can be done?

Then I looked up Blender. The lessons online suggested I need a 3 mouse, I forget what word was in between 3 and mouse though. So I assume that means it needs mouse wheel/scroll. Again, I haz an issues with that. I want to learn Blender, I've seen some real pretty texture work by people using that. I have plenty of time for learning, I want to do this! I just want it for texturing, not sculpting.

Here I am, geeking it up in so many ways and I cannot figure out how to make my mouse have that middle wheel effect. That is sad.

I need to learn to texture better, that way I can make my projects look really great instead of just cute.

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