Status Updates and hey Valla!

9 Apr

URL: Status Updates SL

A bit of time between updates, but #2 is up for today. They’re aware of the issue, and oddly.. them posting that they’re aware makes me less annoyed. It doesn’t change squat cause I am sure they were already working on it, but it feels less annoying now haha!

Bah. I got crashed a while ago, again. *slaps the hamster with Teddy* I’m running out of stuff to do around the house safely while under the influence of medication hah! Time to go read I guess.

Sorry Valla! <3 I forgot what the last thing I managed to say before crashing. The rest of your IM's went to my e-mail though I think.. heehee about the not-a-sailor moon mask! Remind me to send you the LM to the other cute gacha machines tomorrow! One is for the cute hair clip I wear as a human in the latest photos, and one is a new one I just got info about in IM/e-mail that we gotta go scope out.

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