Getting annoyed!

9 Apr

Today is just not a good day in SL!

I’m going around as human today, did the egg hunt out at Fairy Unique. I found all but #20, assuming that there’s something like about 30 or so eggs. I forgot the last egg # I found, maybe 38? :) I never saw a sign advertising the hunt, I just saw one when I was flying around checking out the cute decor. Some were hidden really well, others were pretty easy to find. I’d post you a LM but, I just crashed. Again. Open your map and type in “Fairy Unique” and see what map that brings up, should be two sims next to each other. I think the prize in all the eggs is textures! YAY! I’m not 100% sure, I only looked at a couple so far. (before I crashed earlier, before this latest crash!)

My avatar keeps folding over at the waist, it’s been a long time since I’ve had that happen. I thought it was because I am using my custom pose to hug Teddy but when I took it off and TP’d, I still fold over! So now I can hug Teddy and look at the back of legs. Awesome!

I’ve crashed three times today and I’ve not been on much today, the rest of the day should prove interesting! Annoying, I meant.. not interesting (maybe a little interesting). So much for going to the movies! Was gonna go watch the chipmunk movie 2. I don’t know the name, I forget but it sounded fun! I’ll go next time they have movie day.

The weird thing was, I was lagging it up big at FUD suddenly so I gave up on the last egg and TP’d home. Up in the sky on my blue platform, I look up and realize the about land says Morning Shire, but has the description of the last sim I was in. I hit about land to see what it says, it is blank.

I tried to TP out aaaaaaaaaand here I am blogging about how I crashed!

Time to go play more WiiFit, hopefully my avatar doesn’t get stuck as a ghost in SL today *grumbles*

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