Oh! Shopping!

6 Apr

I was visiting some LM’s in my inventory. First opening them to see where they’d lead (mostly to make sure the shop wouldn’t have turned into something that’d embarrass me to land in!) and an old Chelsea’s LM for her kid’s clothing shop now goes to Babydoll’s Boutique. Neat! One great shop to another :) I’ve got a LM for BB’s too that goes here, I just never realized when the shops moved around that this is how it ended up. This is probably really, really old news haha

I have the current Chelsea’s LM too, I was just there the other day. Yay! More cute clothing!

Well then I remembered I have a gift card for here, it’s way old. I don’t know if it will still work. I’d guess it’s at least a year old maybe. I have bought something before with it but I do not know what it was, I think a dress though. It is high time I clean my inventory up. I need an in-grid closet to help me sort my pretty outfits.

It is hard to play dress up when I can’t find my stuff!

So now I’m waiting on things to rez so I can buy MORE clothing to add to the tangled mess of laundry and textures that is my inventory.

How fun, this really makes my day a little better! Free shopping is always good! The BB store is massive and SL is apparently being catpoopy today, everything rezzes slow, chats are basically non existent, TP’s are kind of being weaksauce as well. *pets the hamster* run lil hammy run!

I’d rather make my own stuff than buy it, cause I’m a cheapo and don’t want to part with my money haha, but hey when it is a free shopping spree.. you know I’m there!

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