Some 2.0 stuff: UI colors and Kirstin Viewer

1 Apr

2.0 is very hard on my eyes with the all dark, with grey lettering. *squints* I posted this info over on Raglan Shire’s forums, and this morning I realized I didn’t blog about it for you guys to see!

URL: Paladin’s BetaColors

You’ll be editing this file:
Program Files\SecondLifeViewer2\skins\default\colors.xml

I opened up the file and loaded it into the program. Make a backup copy before you do all of this. If you mess it up and didn’t make a back up copy, I will say “I told you so!” I might even giggle a little at your mistake. Just sayin.. it’s not like you can be surprised if I laugh at you now! <3 hehehe

I changed a lot of the colors, I have a portion of it in blue. There's still some black, namely the chat box which makes it difficult to use. The outline has stayed black (the portion there where it's like a browser at the top), some of the buttons, there are sections of that sidebar still in black. I got the profile set up in blue but the Showcase/Destination type tab is still black. That's okay though, as long as I can get most of it useable the rest will be okay. I'm thinking if I just change the text color a bit more, I might can use it better.

I need a brighter color is all. Work in progress!

Then today I downloaded Kirsten’s Viewer, the latest one. I really like it! The buttons on the bottom bar are so nice. There is Map, Mini Map, Inventory, and Sidebar added down there. It just feels less like a drastic change and has some of that sameness I need.

It’s also on the TPV list too, so that makes me feel better.

URL: Kirsten Viewer 2.0

Not sure which one I’ll use in the end.. regular 2.0 or Kirsten’s, but I’m thinking I will stick with Kirsten’s. It’s pretty stinking nice!! <3

Going to see if I can run the color.xml through BetaColors and maybe get the colors easier for me to see. I'll let you know if I end up with a good UI!

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