Gone Fishin’ Hunt starts today!

1 Apr

I’m fishing in the Gone Fishin’ Hunt. This time around I don’t have a stop in the hunt, I’ll sign up next time! :)

There’s lots of lakes! I don’t know if all are childAv/Tiny friendly so that’s something to keep in mind as you hop lake to lake. There is a group for the Gone Fishin hunt, look under my profile in world and you can click it from there or from any of the signs at the lakes on the hunt!

I find on hunts I have a little less hassle from people who are weirded out by tinies and child avs if I’m wearing the hunt tag. It shows I’m there and then leaving relatively soon, rather than hanging about with no mission in mind. Plus, when my lake/shop is in a hunt, it’s fun seeing the hunters come with tags so I know who might need a hint :)

Also, if you are a custom maker for your 7seas based lake, you can get yourself a wiki page on that same site. Along the left, look there for the custom links. Just follow instructions :)

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