Play Drop Ball!

31 Mar

Raglan chat today is busy about the new viewer (not mandatory, you can stay on 1.23!) and the TOS changes. You can find the changes listed on the SL blog, btw. Updated SL ToS blog entry

Well to give us something to do to ease our worries so we’d stop running around him screaming like crazies, Tiggs told us in chat to go play Drop Ball. It’s a game his teen taught him, that they play on Teen Grid (yay teens!! Thanks for the fun!) :)

You rez a sphere, make it big enough for your avatar. Make it hollow and transparent. Then he said rez a cube for you to sit on. Link the two and get in! Raise yourself to 4000 meters, set it physical, go into mouse look (hit “m”) and enjoy the ride.

I couldn’t stay in mouse look, made me want to barf once the sphere got to spinning rapidly after it bounced.

You may NOT puke in my drop ball!

I linked the two with them apart, sat on the cube then used edit to move myself into the big sphere. Just in case you’re having trouble getting inside the transparent one, there’s a tip hehe

My first fall was from 4000 meters above my land. I landed 2 plots over, bounced once to about 500 meters. I was excited… until I did the second one!

My second fall was from 4000 meters, I bounced once to about 2000 meters, sailed across Morning Shire from my corner plot at a really high speed, across heron shire, across raglan, and landed in the far opposite corner of Extrovirtual, rolled down into the water and into a small hole/pit. I’d of kept going had I not hit the invisible corner that is the sim edge.


You should play too. I need to go try it out on mainland and see how far I can travel.

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