I tried 2.0 on an alt

31 Mar

I dunno.. it’s.. weird. *cuddles Teddy*

You know how we have the chat box, with the tabs underneath for when people IM or groups start chatting? Where’s that in 2.0? I needs it. I needs some sameness.

Same that is better is of course great! But I needs some sameness still too! *cuddles around Teddy tighter* Sameness? Hello…. where’d you go? I am all alone in the different with my bear? *hears echo*

I do like the favorites bar, and the outfits option! That is so nice. Once I work my way full time with 2.0, no longer will I swap avatars only to have to hunt down the REST of my outfit. It’s such a pain to swap avatars only to realize I’m bald or feeling very thankful that I choose to wear an undershirt at all times. Those no copy tshirts are a pain sometimes. Then I can clean my inventory up significantly! I have many, many copies of the same clothing in a ton of different outfits.

Then I really should also sort textures too. It is a hassle. Yet…. I continue to pick up more textures and make more of my own to upload heehee. I add to the problem!

Plus the colors of the UI, it makes me squint. I don’t know if it’s just the intense difference that makes me squint from confusion or if it’s truly the fact it’s so dark. I use the bright silver skin in 1.23. (I dunno what it’s called) I couldn’t find the UI skin change option in 2.0.

*sits on Teddy and grooms his ear thoughtfully*

I’ll get used to it though. I’ll log onto an alt again later and see if I can find the stuff I am missing, along with watching the 2.0 videos again from the official blog. It should get easier soon once I learn the new stuff!

I might try the Kirsten viewer when it’s ready. It’s on the TPV list. I didn’t recognize the other two on the list.

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