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Photo: Got a new skin!

29 Mar

Got a new skin!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Woo! Thanks to Valla, I was able to get a skin by Robin Sojourner at Kick the Can. I chose Jilly Vanilla w/ Freckles. Right now I have the Cinnamon eyebrows on so they go with my hair somewhat. She even gave a free lolly, nomnom! That’ll become tiny noms later! :)

I do not know what is up with my pose, I think I’m standing too high in the half cylinder I use for photos haha


photo: splat

29 Mar

splat, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Photo/Info: Evil Kitty Hunt for textures!

29 Mar

Evil Kitty hunt at Angelic’s Textures SLURL HERE

You go around the shop, find the little evil kitties. You win small gift cards to use along the way, as well as the texture pack featured on the sign. Plus, there’s a 100L gift card that the prize says she’ll send along later! Neat!

I used one of the smaller gift cards I found and bought the Kitchen Linens set!

You can only use one card per purchase, I tried to use a couple on one but it wouldn’t go. The remainder you pay in lindens. Easy peasy! :)

Look for the panda and hammer for two other hunts too! I haven’t looked to see what those prizes are, but I’m going to assume it’s textures hehe

60Linden Weekends

29 Mar

Is this done every week?  I assume it is!  It seems really organized :)

I was hanging out at Angelic’s Textures (I’ve another blog entry in amoment about that) and walked out of the  main door to see this.  Some signs for 60L Weekend.  There’s even a website that shows all the items for the weekend.  Neat!

URL: <a href=””>Official 60L Photos Link</a>

SLURL: <a href=”″>Location for the inworld list</a>  (Full list of all the shops with photos too!)

Fun :)  Maybe you’ll find something you want before the weekend is over!  If not, hopefully it happens every weekend!