Gumball Machine script

26 Mar

URL: Random Object Vendor script

This isn’t *my* script, it’s just one I found yesterday when googling for gumball machine scripts. I really wanted to build my own machine, and I couldn’t find exactly the right script on Xstreet or in world! Searching XstreetSL is like trying to get someone to clean my catbox. It’s just not happening! *big kitty eyes -blink blink-*

I think the random gumball/egg style machines are cute. They’re full of various (and usually really great) prizes. Just pay whatever price they have and bam, random prize! You might get what you already had, or you might get something new.

On the SL script library is a script that can be used for a gumball machine it seems. I just tested it out by filling a cube with three differently colored/named cubes.

Then on line 10, you can change where it says:
list prices = [1];

Change the 1 to whatever price you want. Whatever you do, be sure you only change the number! Don’t erase the ending text of: ];

If all else fails, re-copy the script off the site and try again. You can do it! :)

You’ll need to hit yes on the grant popup because this is a vendor script. You’re the owner, the money comes to you. Just to be sure for your own peace of mind, you can set it for 1 linden (just like the default script is) and buy from your test cube. The money comes right back to your account :)

I haven’t given it a real good try beyond buying what I put in it myself, but I think it works pretty good so far on the small scale test.

Eventually I’ll get it set up in my shop and toss some of the older items into it to make room for new things! How fun! Now to make a cute little candy machine!

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