7seas Customs updated

26 Mar


Come fishing!

For others who’ve already caught my four fish and a rod, there’s nothing technically new yet. However, if you’d like to add the plates of waffles or Scuba Teddy to your aquarium then you’ll need to come fish again :)

All four catchable fish are now updated to the current pet script. I’m not sure how long this has been out but I’m finally getting to it haha! They’re all aquarium ready, they’re all set up with game stats as well.

Future fish will be ready to go, easy peasy too!

You can see photos of the available catches at my lake. There’s now a text list that you can pick up to keep track of what’s in the lake. As I add more, I’ll update it :)

I adjusted the rarity on two of the waffle plates. Before they were all set to “rare”. Now there’s one at rare, common, and uncommon. That’s just fun!

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