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Puppeteer 7.0!

25 Mar

Wooo! I didn’t know there’d be an update when I went to go check the shop. I went out to Todd’s shop just to see what new and neat things he’s made. His shop is fun. Since my last visit, and it’s been quite a while, there’s a really great museum/lesson style room.

I hadn’t really realized it till today but I never get any messages from the shop newsletter thingy, so I went and re signed up. Now I will know when there’s updates hehehe!

There’s great examples, things to click to try out, things it gives to wear and see features. I couldn’t really see what the vehicle turtle wearable did, I’ll try it later in human form. It might be that as a tiny, whatever center point it uses is just too close to the ground. My turtle was jammed into the floor hehe!

Then there’s a great feature wall showing stuff others have made.

My last version was 5.1, with a beta folder for 6.0. Now it’s 7.0! I have a lot to re-learn, and new things to learn. Teddy wants a dresser to store his treasures. Plus we need a fridge for all the noms! Having it all puppeteered will of course be the ultimate of win.

Yippie for Todd!

P.S. To get your update, you need to rez the Update Checker. Mine was “Update Checker 5.0”. Yours might be something different.


Pancake storage

25 Mar

Pancake storage, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Look guys! I found some overstock!