Photo/Info: This is so true

24 Mar

This is so true, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

You said it, Gwyendalin Gausman! *high five*

It gets old having people say this stuff to me!

This sign is in the Eternal Creations beach area, not sure if this is a fully set up area or not. This is kind of hard to read, stuck behind some branches. (Or it might just be I’m the wrong height and was lagging haha) It also might be someone’s yard so I am sorry if I was trespassing, I didn’t eat any butterflies or use your sand area for anything! :) Just something to think about if you go visit it, I really don’t know if it was her personal yard or not.

I have heard all of these. I have Lupus and problems that go along with it, some side disorders/diseases that are common with lupus as well as other things. I don’t look sick most days, I don’t sound sick, I hopefully don’t act too sick haha. There are good days, there are bad days. When I wake up each morning I pray for a good day. Today, I had a few hours of great day! Got groceries, had very little problems, played some Wii tennis (and lost ugh.. other team is getting too good now), did some dishes, walked around the yard a while playing with my neighbor’s pets. Now it is not a good day, the effect of yesterday and today, being in the sun, overdoing what I did, it has piled up and now I am pretty much relegated to staying put where I am.

Yay for SL, it can occupy my day today again :) Thankful for the small things, for the small things are very big to me.

Yet to have someone say any of those things, usually several in one breath, it makes me want to kick them in the crotch as hard as I can so I can say “What’s your problem, I don’t see anything that could be making you double over like that. This too shall pass, it’s all in your head, it most certainly can’t be that bad, you’ll just have to tough it out”

heheheh…. (evil kitty laugh)

Okay done ranting…. for now…. *smacks you upside the head with Teddy* Just for good measure, Teddy wants you to know he means business. *Teddy punches one paw into the other menacingly*

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