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Lucky Tribe list?

20 Mar

Is there an online place that’s keeping a current (and organized) list of the Lucky Tribe shops? I saw the official blog, but I couldn’t find if there was an organized list. I have a lot of the very original stores, I quit at about 2000 kudos. Now I’m ready to go chair stalking! Yippie!

Usually I put it all in a notecard and then mark off the ones I visited.

Help please? :)


Teddy finds Elderglen

20 Mar

Teddy finds Elderglen, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I love the mushroom forest. Teddy and I went and picked up the free textures to look at later too. We’ll be making our rounds to the other Linden Housing developments soon.

Fishing at Livingtree

20 Mar

Fishing at Livingtree, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Lots to catch up on

20 Mar

Like… remembering my twitter login, setting wordpress so it twitters my entries (I think I got it now?), and finding the SL blogs I liked to read before! I feel like I’m not really with it. Time to go finish some RL housework, then it’s time for SL fun!

I hope it works… er.. the twitter thing, not the housework (well I hope that works too since I’m doing laundry!). If not.. well.. someone can empty my catbox and give me a hug then!

*sneaks up on you*

20 Mar

I have not had any adventures in a long time. Teddy and I mean to change this starting with yesterday (no photos from yesterday though!)

RL has been more stressful than I am able to handle well, plus with my own health problems in the last few months, both combined I have found it difficult to do anything. Thankfully a family member recently got a clear bill of health for now in regards to the cancer that I worried about for the past year. My friend’s cancer however is only getting worse, with drastic changes happening each week in the last month. Pretty much I just feel like crying most of the time.

I miss everyone! Last night I logged on to pay my Morning Shire rent, stayed and chatted, explored a little, visited someone’s bunnies (I forget who’s house, but they’re up the road from mine in the tree!) and have found that when I logged out.. I was smiling, my heart felt lighter, the pit of anxiety that just never goes away had faded to near non existence.

It felt like I was home and it makes me so sad that all this time all I had to do was log on and be with my online family once again because I’d be guaranteed someone will be funny and someone will make me almost laugh water out my nose!

So energy or not, I am making it my mission to log on no matter what. There will be days where I probably won’t be able to keep up with chat, or even stay on but a few minutes, but it does a kitty good to be with friends.

I am sure I am way behind on what’s going on with everyone, on who still lives in SL and who’s done quit. I tried to read the SL Forums but what happened with that page? It looks different but I see the same rants are still happening all this time later heehee. I’m going to try out a different viewer for the first time ever, after Ray recommended it. So hopefully I can figure out where stuff is on the interface after logging in later! If not, I’ll switch back.

I have lots of places to go check out, to see if there’s anything new, any changes, and blah blah blah. I’ve missed exploring around, getting photos, seeing the neat things people build. I’ve just missed you guys a lot.