Eww. I can’t unsee it!!

23 Aug

I hate to be all sheltered in life here, but I am and I am happy in my sheltered life. What I saw tonight…… gross! Looking in search in SL, with the mature search unchecked (because with it checked, I need to bleach my eyes) and trying to find sims that sell dogs. Dogs, as in like.. little cute virtual pets.. not.. like what I saw of the… Oh. gross…

I don’t want to see that crap, so I unchecked the mature button. Still gross, it’s still there only in a different search order! I don’t understand how search listings work apparently because I’m still seeing it in the list of places. You’d think by now after all this time in SL, stuff would fail to gross me out but here we are.. grossed out to the max haha

The stuff I’ve seen, the descriptions of sims, the sim photographs that go on their LM’s.. holy crap… people need to have a little bit of decency when it comes to search listings, particularly when it’s the non-mature settings.

I need to bleach my eyes now and go back to my sheltered life, thank you. I’m happy by not seeing this stuff. I need to unsee it and think about kittens for a while. Meow meow meow.

I still can’t find any dogs because I’m grossed out after wading through that which I saw. It cannot be unseen. I’ve seen the VKC ones, and the ones I blogged about before the AI Friends, and Zooby’s. Thought I’d see if any new dog makers had appeared, but I think I’ll skip the whole thing and remain without a dog. I’m less likely to want to hurl that way if I can avoid using searches.

I am very certain that previous attempts to find dog vendors did not bring up this… *waves a paw vaguely* … stuff … with mature unchecked.

*shiver* Gross.

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