RL cuts into SL a bit

14 Jul

My in world time is a bit low right now, a family member is ill and although I am not there with them the worry is eating at me. The stress of it all is making my own RL health not so great. I’m just not up to chatting much really, I’m sorry.

I have IM’s sent to my e-mail, so hopefully I don’t miss anything.

P.S. Ray, those cat images are super funny, thank you! I saved the one with husband cat waits for wife cat at the mall hehe


One Response to “RL cuts into SL a bit”

  1. Chaffro July 18, 2009 at 6:04 am #

    Lori, just take care of yourself and try not to let anything affect your health negatively as much as you can possibly allow. We all miss ya, and look forward to seeing you back again real soon!

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