Intentionally creating chat ding errors is crap.

23 Jun

You people who think it is funny to repeatedly send phrases like “ding!” or “chat error time!” or “haha stop typing/building!” to a chat group with the intention of purposely disrupting everyone elses grid time are really hacking me off. Like wow, yah you’re so funny, so entertaining, so ohmygosh I wish I was you. *hair flip*

Yeah, whatever. Jerks.

Go make a group with your friends who enjoy doing that, then ding away. Aggravate yourselves into oblivion! Don’t send these messages to groups full of other people. People who are trying to teleport, explore, send an IM, build.

Don’t get me wrong here, people send a message.. a chat error pops up, it sucks but it’s just how the grid is for now. My issue isn’t with people trying to chat or send normal message through. My issue is with the ones who are knowingly going out of their way to repeatedly spam chat with the very clear intent of causing chat errors for the rest of us with the whole purpose of destroying what we’re doing.

There’s a difference, a very big difference.


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  1. lenabrown March 6, 2010 at 4:21 am #

    Halleujah, Amen!! Your post was automatically put at the end of my blog post called Cybersexy and I clicked to check it out. Loved it and I totally agree…

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