Today in and around SL…

21 Jun

Yay! People are playing way more nice today at hair fair! Lots and lots of people bald and in just tshirts/shorts. Yay you guys *high five* :) The sims are much easier to move around tonight, things are loading considerably faster too. Well faster than yesterday, but still not really fast haha

Today I didn’t do much else in SL, mostly just sat on my tower of cats and did some google searches for RL projects I need to get going on. I lived an adventurous second life today wheeee….

I am disappointed in the behavior of a few people on the SL based forums. I just don’t know what else to say about it really. I can accept that people have different opinions about everything under the sun, but it disappoints me when people get so nasty with the way they phrase their opinions out for the world to see.

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