Gimpster’s class 2 and NCI Blitz

21 Jun

Tonight I went to class #2!

Thankfully there wasn’t too much grid problems. Calla crashed but was able to return and continue, yay! Otherwise the lag wasn’t all that bad, voice chat had a bit of choppiness at times but considering how the rest of SL was going all day I’d say it was holding up nicely during that two hours.

We showed our homework off to the class. Everyone did such neat things, each texture was very different. You can see mine hanging up on my land in the birdhouse near the lighthouse. I really loved the ladybug on the leaf, but I forget who’s that was.. maybe Sarah’s?

I have homework to do this week as well, one that will take considerably longer to complete than last week’s. It’ll be fun.

Plus class got out in time for me to get to NCI Blitz! I’d kind of put it out of my mind under the assumption I’d be missing it for the duration of this course due to timing and how fast the platforms fill up. Tonight, thanks to Ray, I got there in time yay! I think I blogged the photo already.

Now I’m debating if I want to work on homework a little or just go read.

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