Hey, understand the meaning of preventing lag?

20 Jun

I don’t think you do!

Since I just TP’d in I’ve seen people walking out of camera shot wearing an unbelievable amount of bling, seriously high prim jewelry to the point that a good portion of it doesn’t rez but it’s pretty obvious there’s supposed to be more, prim flexi skirts that are made up of MORE than seven layers! Prim hair that’s also pretty excessive, high prim boots, really high prim belts, and a lot of very high prim tails.

I do not want to rez you people over and over with your crazy prim counts. Strip to shirt/jeans!

What happened to common courtesy at an event where the sims have more than 50 per sim?

Posted by Second Life Resident Lorimae Undercroft. Visit Beta Business Park.


One Response to “Hey, understand the meaning of preventing lag?”

  1. Azelle June 22, 2009 at 3:56 am #

    You should start passing out LMs to the ANKLE lag exhibit on Raglan – better yet, wear a big sign that distributes them when clicked. :P

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