Hair Fair 2009 is open!

20 Jun

URL: Hair Fair Blog

I can’t get in yet, of their four sims.. (read the blog, the LM’s are there) one is showing offline so it looks pretty neat on the map when I search it out. There’s a lot of green dots lined up on the edges of the sims waiting to move into the next area, and a whole lot of dots waiting to get into the offline sim hehe

Click the map button on your viewer, on my version it’s down on the bottom of the viewer screen. Then on the search box there you can enter Hair Fair 2009 and search, you can then see the four sims (plus whatever sims are also nearby). Hover over and see what’s open and how many people are there.

Please be sure you take off your high prim stuff, going bald won’t kill you. A tshirt, jeans, no jewelry, no hair, no shoes, no radar scanning scripts, no need for all the shields to protect you from bumps or whatever is needed.

If you’re lagging and you’re wearing more than just a standard no-prim tshirt and jeans, or if you’re wearing any other scripts at all, then I don’t think you have any room to complain. I don’t want to have to rez your flowing skirt, your flexi hair, or your radar script every time you move in and out of range of me.

Just sayin… that’s my opinion on it. I asked Teddy, he agrees. He’s also punching one paw into the other.. I think he means business.

You can remove people from your view by doing control-alt-shift-4. You can bring them back by doing the same key presses again. I can’t ever seem to move if I remove the avatars from rendering, so it’ll be good to get to your spot, do the command, shop, do it again, and move again if the lag is nomming your fun away. And you know that lag is hungry today with all the login issues, it hasn’t been able to eat properly!


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